Department of Social Work

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Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work was started with a Bachelor Programme in 2020. The department aspires to become a centre of excellence in developing social work professionals for promoting justice and empowerment. With a judicious mix of theory and practice, the department has geared itself to be strong in teaching, research and learning. 

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a three-year undergraduate degree that offers knowledge and skills to aspirants to prepare them to become competent professionals in the field of social work.  The course has 6 semesters in total.  The course enables aspirants to become social catalysts who will enable people in need to stand up for themselves and hence create social change.

Throughout the six semesters students will undergo wide range of activities that would provide candidates with more practical experiences which will provide more insights into the subject areas. The activities will include:

  • Concurrent Fieldwork: These fieldworks will provide students with weekly field visits to study on the areas allotted to them.
  • Block placements: These fieldworks will provide students with monthly field work practicum with experienced social work agencies working in the field.
  • Organization visits: These visits are meant to generate understanding of the organizations working in the different fields of social work.
  • Social work research:  This would allow students to brainstorm and will also help them understand and find out areas where social work methods and techniques can be made useful for the target groups.
  • Workshops: These are hands on trainings organized to help students gain a better understanding of the theories they learn in their classrooms.
  • Rural camp: An outdoor experience where students will be introduced completely into a rural area where they are given opportunities to sustain for themselves and also an inter-departmental icebreaking session where an exchange of the ideas can happen.

Final Field Work areas also cover:

International: Nepal (Kathmandu)

National: Uttar Pradesh (UP), Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka (Bangalore), and Tamil Nadu

Regional: Idukki, Palakkad and Wayanad

Faculty Details

Sr. Seena Kurian S.H. (Coordinator)


Ms. Emma Theresa Joseph


Mr. Jerin James


Fr. Ebin Sebastian CST (Visiting)


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