Attendance and Leave

  1. Attendance will be marked and reported to the University as per its rules. Each day attendance will be closed at 10 am during the first hour and it will be marked at the beginning of all other hours.
  2. Late comers should get the permission of the Principal to enter the class rooms and labs. Astudent, who arrives late, half an hour or more, will lose the attendance of that day.
  3. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher-in-charge.
  4. No student is permitted to leave the college before the classes are over. In case of genuine necessity, the student should get the permission of the Teacher and Principal before leaving the campus. The parents are advised to inform the class Teacher and the Principal in such necessities.
  5. Students who want to take leave for a day or more will have to submit their applications in writing, countersigned by their parents/guardians, to the principal with the recommendation of the class teachers.
  6. In case of illness, a medical certificate should be produced along with the leave application, countersigned by the parents/guardian.
  7. Unauthorized absence will be dealt with by the Principal. A student who absents himself from the class for more than 10 days without the written request of the parents/ guardian and without due sanction of the Principal, shall be removed from the rolls.
  8. As per the University rules, 75% of attendance is required to appear for the University Examinations. Students who have less than 75% of attendance should obtain permission from the University for writing examinations. The college has no responsibility in this regard.
  9. Internal evaluation is strictly in accordance with the University norms. Unit tests and model tests are to be conducted for awarding internal marks. The college conducts a minimum number of unit tests. When a student has failed to attend that test and/ or is interested in improving his marks he can appear for a re-examination by paying a fine of Rs. 50/- per paper.
  10. Assignments and seminars are to be submitted in time to the respective Teacher without fail. They will be valued in accordance with the University rules.

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