General Rules

  1. Rules of modesty, cleanliness and decorum should be strictly adhered to by all the students. Prescribed uniform should be worn on all working days without fail. Defaulters will be charged with a fine of Rs. 50. Women students are expected to show lady like dignity in their dress and general behavior. Violation of dress code will be treated as misconduct Prospectus 2013 - 14 Sanjo College (SCMAS) attracting disciplinary action.
  2. All the students should wear their identity cards around the neck when they are in the college campus. They will have to produce the same and show it to the Principal, to the members of the staff or to such other persons authorized by the Principal. The student may have to leave the campus for not producing it when requested to do so.
  3. The property and furniture of the college and all the items in the labs should be handled with great care. Any loss or destruction of these will be chargeable individually or collectively as the case may be.
  4. Students shall endeavor to preserve cleanliness and order in classrooms, labs, verandhas and premises. Dislocating furniture, dirtying the surroundings and walls by markings, writings, littering, etc. should be avoided.
  5. Books, calculator and all other personal belongings should bear the name of the owner. The College will not be responsible for the loss of money or any other article of the students.
  6. No magazines, news papers, cassettes, CDs, etc., other than for the purpose of study, should be brought to the Institute without permission.
  7. Strict silence should be observed at all times during class hours in the class rooms, labs and in the verandhas. All forms of howling, whistling, hooting, etc. should be avoided during any function in the College.
  8. Students are expected to spend their free hours in the library/reading room. They should not loiter along the verandhas or crowd round at the corridors and staircase. No student should be wandering outside during class hours. They are not permitted to enter the class rooms other than their own.
  9. Use of drugs, alcoholic drinks, panparag and other such Prospectus 2013 - 14 Sanjo College (SCMAS) intoxicants and smoking are strictly prohibited in the college and its premises.
  10. Irregular attendance, insubordination to Teachers, all forms of fraud or malpractice in connection with examinations, habitual inattention in class, obscenity in word or deed, are sufficient reasons for temporary or permanent dismissal of a student.
  11. If a student has a grievance or complaint, he/she should approach the class teacher first. If he/she is not satisfied, he/she may approach the H.O.D. and then, if needed, appeal to the Principal.
  12. No outsider should be invited to the college without the consent of the Principal.
  13. Any student who is suspended from the college shall not enter the college campus unless and until his/her suspension is revoked by the college authorities or without the prior written permission from the principal.
  14. No student shall engage in or conduct any activity which is detrimental to the reputation and interests of the college.
  15. No one shall distribute or circulate any notice, pamphlet, leaflet, etc. within the campus or exhibit any type of banner, flag, poster etc. without the prior written permission of the Principal.
  16. Political Activities in any form are strictly prohibited in the campus. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than those permitted by the Principal. Strikes are strictly prohibited in the college campus and its premises. Nobody shall instigate or take part in any strike inside the campus.
  17. Ragging: Ragging, even of any simple nature, is totally banned by Government order and any student found guilty and / or abetting ragging is liable to be dismissed and punished. Cfr. The Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act Prospectus 2013 - 14 Sanjo College (SCMAS) 12 1998.
  18. Mobil phone: The Government of Kerala has banned the use of mobiles, obscene cinematic dances and Fashion shows in educational institutions and has ordered to take strict action in this regard. Vide Government Order Nr. 318/10/H. Edn Dept. dt. 16/02/2010. If a mobile phone is found with a student inside the institution and in its premises, it will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged from him/her.
  19. The Principal is entitled to refuse admission to any applicant, to suspend, dismiss or take any disciplinary action on any student for his/her misconduct and violation of rules and regulations. He shall be the final authority in the interpretation of the college rules. Matters not covered by the rules mentioned above are left to the discretion of the principal and his decision shall be final.
  20. Signing of the application form by the candidates admitted to the college and their parents / guardians will constitute an agreement on their part that they are willing and ready to abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

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