Our vision is to be an up-to date world class College of Arts and Science to impart quality education and training and to empower the young minds entrusted to our care to become well disciplined and highly professional global citizens. 
With this aim in mind: 
1. We impart quality education to the youth, especially to the less fortunate, and equip them with the most modern scientific and technical knowledge which would help them take part in the progressive scientific development. 
2. We prepare the young minds for profitable employment in different fields of technology, education and research. 
3. We enable the students to have a better standard of living by acquiring sound moral principles, discipline and life skills so as to face the realities of life.


 Our Mission is to help the migrant population of the High Ranges to realize their dreams of excellence in higher education. We impart value based quality education to the young minds so that they 'learn to serve' humanity in today's global village.