Sanjo College Alumni Association (SCAA)

We are proud to present Sanjo Alumni, the energetic members of Sanjo Family who are former students who either attended or graduated in some fashion from Sanjo College. Remember, Reunite and Celebrate (RRC) is the motto of all our Alumni gatherings. The alumni are an important stakeholder and valuable assets of the college. Sanjo Alumni members cherish their fond memories at Sanjo College through their annual meetings. All Programmes for Alumni at Sanjo are developed to enhance student-to-alumni and alumni-to-alumni relationships. The outreach programmes make this vision actualized every year.

The registered members will be informed of job opportunities and events like job fairs, recruitment drives, as well as training sessions of attending interviews, preparing CV, etc. Work with the Alumni Relations office to volunteer with Sanjo and other enrollment, recruitment, or student services to interview, mentor, and/or provide needed support to students. All students of Sanjo College are encouraged to register Sanjo Alumni and get benefitted from it.


  • To organize the lectures, seminars and other academic programmes in various fields and encourage the students to expand their horizons of knowledge and wisdom while in the real life situation.
  • To provide guidance to the alumni and the students of the College with reference to career choice, preparation, eligibility, examinations, and development.
  • To assist the College management in organizing activities and programmes for the benefit of both the past and present students.
  • To arrange activities for social awareness and social benefits and thus increase the wellbeing of its members and those who are related to them.
  • To encourage students to choose suitable vocations and to become professional by undertaking training programs and workshops in various forms.
  • To enable the present students with the help of our former students to know about the better opportunities in placements and with their help exhaust the possibilities of giving practical knowledge and exposures to the students in view of the overall and integral development.


All graduates as well as former students of Sanjo College are considered members of the alumni association and are eligible for alumni benefits.


At the time of registration or later, a one time contribution of Rs. 50 only is collected from the members so that the accumulated fund supports the needs, such as student scholarships, academic programs, research projects, and technology upgrades for the smooth functioning of the Alumni Association. Membership dues support alumni programs such as Alumni gatherings, mentoring programs, job and vacancy information sharing, and educational activities.


Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Anooj Chacko Coordinator
2 Mr. Paulcy Wicliffe Joint Coordinator
3 Mr. Joseph Xavier Joint Coordinator
4 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Member
5 Mrs. Jismy P. Sukumaran Member
6 Sr. Seena Kurian Member