IQAC Initiatives And Events

A Cohort’s Insight

Aim : Educate and Edify students through the acumen of inspiring personalities.

It is implemented through
(1) a three-way process of - Ambition Survey - Series of motivational sessions by successful persons from different fields - Ambition Survey, and
(2) Identifying and endowing a motivating mentor for each department to update the current developments in the respective fields.

Sl. No Name Designation
1 Mrs. Asha Scaria Coordinator
2 Mr. Shijo Thankachan Member
3 Mrs. Jismy P. Sukumaran Member
4 Mr. Joseph Xavier Member
5 Mrs. Anjana T.S. Member
6 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas Member

Mahatma Gandhi Samoohika Samskritik Unnati (MGSSU)

Aim : Educate and Persuade for integral citizenship development

It is implemented through
(1) Diploma courses
(2) Certificate course
(3) Skill development programs.

  • Raise and nurture innovative, integrated and transformed citizens of the society with global appeal
  • Enable students to meet professional, educational, legal, ethical, socio-cultural, environmental and economic responsibilities of citizens

Sl. No Name Designation
1 Mrs. Tintu Joseph Coordinator
2 Ms. Asha PM Member
3 Mr. Noble Joy Member
4 Mrs. Aswathy Soman Member
5 Fr. Eldhose Paul Member
6 Mr. Vishnu V.S. Member
7 Mrs. Manjumol Sebastian Member
8 Mrs. Deepthy C.A. Member

Sanjo College Grama Samaj Vikas (SCGSV)

Aim : Educate and Empower for societal development

It is implemented through adopting a village for a holistic development

  • To provide educational support to development initiatives ensuring basic rights of citizens
  • To create an inclusive society by promoting social inclusion and democratic governance
  • To empower the vulnerable to effectively and decisively participate in mainstream development
  • To gain equal access and control over services, resources and institutions and enable disaster risk reduction
  • To ensure a fair, just and gender sensitive working/living socio-politic and economic environment

Sl. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Jerin V.K. Coordinator
2 Mr. Unna C.K. Member
3 Mrs. Somy Benny Member
4 Mrs. Rajimol P.S. Member
5 Mr. Thomas Baby Member
6 Sr. Seena Kurian Member
7 Mrs. Santha P.M. Member
8 Mr. Aneeshkumar M.A. Member
9 Mr. Paulcy Wicliffe Member
10 Mrs. Anjana V.P. Member