Yoga is a path of spiritual enquiry directed to an objective understanding of life and living. Over the years, yoga has also evolved into a science of Health and Healing. Human personality is a collection of physical, mental and behavioral traits and patterns that we exhibit in our life. These traits in our students should be developed in a positive way and overall development in their personality is to be brought out to fit them in the competitive world. The conscious, subconscious and physical personality can be greatly improved by practicing simple yoga postures which stretch the body and trigger relaxation.

Aims and Objectives

  • To train young, intelligent and educated students into the basics of Yoga with all its pure and pristine form.
  • To acquaint them with prominent features of all cultures so as to enable them to perceive broader horizons of Yoga encompassing all world cultures.
  • To enable them to discover Yogic tenets in their own cultures.
  • To get them well grounded in a cultural synthesis so that they may strive not only to lead a well integrated life themselves but also to teach others to attain the same to establish brotherhood of man on the face of the earth

Sl. No. Name Role In Cell
1 Fr. Eldhose Paul Coordinator
2 Mrs. Santha P.M. Joint Coordinator