Motto - "Nurturing Nature for Future"

The creation and establishment of nature club at Sanjo College (SCMAS), Rajakkad introduced to generate awareness among students and general public about the nature and current environmental issues enabling them to love their mother nature and conserve the resources in it. The more anthropogenic activities cause the environment to be subjected to irreparable damages

The necessity of taking immediate measures to preserve and rescue the nature by protecting the resources may reduce the reverse and negative impact that the nature may bring upon us. Therefore, the protection of the environment is the primary concern of the nature club.


Sl. No. Name Role In Cell
1 Mr. Aneeshumar MA Coordinator
2 Mrs. Asha Scaria Joint Coordinator
3 Mrs. Anjana V.P. Staff Member
  • To educate students and empower general public about the importance of environmental conservation and major environmental problems.
  • To implement small level projects (if needed with the help of governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies) which helps to create interest towards green activities.
  • Observing environmentally important days and arranged programmes that becomes more beneficial for students and general public.
  • Motivating the students to plant more trees, plants, fruit trees, vegetables, crops and spices, etc.
  • Educating the students and general public to minimize the usage of plastics, non-degradable materials.
  • Organizing various programmes like seminars, webinars, workshops, cartoon drawing, exhibition, craft making, quiz etc. regarding various environmental issues and challenges and for creating and assuring of a sustainable future.
  • Organizing nature study camp, trekking and forest visit.

Today our society faces lot of problems related to environment as people become less connected to the nature. Taking this into consideration, Nature Club in our college, sorts out activities with the above mentioned objectives which help them to connect, to our ‘Mother Earth’.

  • Green day celebration
  • Planting of Trees
  • Exhibition