A Women Development Cell in any institution symbolizes a safety hub for the students. Women students constitute 50% of the total strength of Sanjo College. Key purpose of the Women's Development Cell is to make Sanjo College a gender-sensitive space. It occupies an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women students. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate and share their views and hence actively promote gender equality.

With an eye to empower them and to instill self confidence in them, the women's cell organizes various programmes like seminars, debates and competitions. It becomes a strength for girl students and offers different perspectives on gender issues and empowers them to do what they want appropriately. The women's day conducted annually, gives them the opportunity to display their talents without any inhibition.


Sl. No. Name Role In Cell
1 Mrs. Anjana V.P. Coordinator
2 Mrs. Manjumol Sebastian Joint Coordinator
3 Mrs. Ellizabeth Member
4 Mrs. Asha P.M. Member
5 Mrs. Asha Scaria Member