Institutional Distinctivenes

All activities of Sanjo College of Management and Advanced Studies are oriented towards “Learn to Serve”.

Great emphasis is given to the use of English on campus. Special remedial classes are provided for those students who are weak in English.

From the moment of its inception, no classes have been disrupted due to strikes or demonstrations

Student Politics is not encouraged on campus. Sanjo College elections are held in a democratic but non-political manner.

Sanjo College is an eco-friendly - cleaner & greener - campus with lot of trees and flowering plants.

To improve students' comfort and safety and to reach the college on time, Sanjo College provides regular bus services, to and fro, having several pickup points and stations.

Along with internal supporting systems, Sanjo College enhances additional engagements with wider society – various educational institutions, industries, corporations, etc. – for further collaborative ventures and partnerships.

Zero compromise and tolerance for values of respect, honesty, fairness, compassion, and personal and professional ethics among departments, staff and students.