The Department of English offers a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature with concentrations in language or literature. Courses in literature and language analyze global intellectual and cultural traditions, ideals and values in order to enhance self-understanding and empathy for others; explain how societies are defined in relation to culture, nationality, race, ethnicity and gender; and analyze and explain implied and expressed cultural values and attitudes in works of literature, as well as explain the development of human institutions, ideas and social structures. Literature and linguistics courses are also related to the social sciences, elucidating ideas in the following areas: sociology, psychology, history, language theory, political science and cultural studies. The Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature program provides students with a broad knowledge of the ways in which literature explores the human experience and how language conveys meaning, preparing students for careers in such diverse fields as publishing, teaching and professional writing, as well as in the public sector and corporate world, and for graduate study

The goals of the Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature are to:

  • Provide knowledge of the linguistic structure of English and its literary use
  • Enable students to understand English within its historical, theoretical and cultural context
  • Provide students with insights into the complexity of human thought, emotion and interaction
  • Teach students the research tools, critical processes and analytical skills necessary for advanced study in diverse fields

No of Seats : 40
Duration : 3 Year


Students should clear class 12th board exams with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA

Program Structure

The duration of BA programme is two academic years with 6 semesters. Total number of courses for the whole BA programme is 31.

  • Core Courses : 16
  • Common Courses : 10
  • Open courses : 1
  • Complementary Courses : 4

Fee Structure

Category Amount Amount
Year I Year II and Year III
Tuition fee 9000 (one semester) 9000 (one semester)
Library 500 500
Exam fee 500 750
PTA, Annual, Sports 500 500
Other fee 1000 1000

Jop Opportunities

There is a good number of jobs in government and private sectors available to BA English Literature candidates this may vary based on the expertise and knowledge of the candidate. Some of the jobs available are:- Lecturer, Editor (Newspaper, Magazines, Journals), Copy editor, Journalist, Writer, Freelance writer, Public Relations Officer ,Translator, Language Trainer, Curriculum Assistant, Content Services, Publisher, Librarian, Interpreter, Data Entry operator, Front Office Manager, Social Media Manager, Receptionist, Advertising Executive, Educational Consultant, Technical Writer, Records Manager and Archivist, etc.

Further Study

Students can decide from opportunities both in the industry and education. There are several higher study options for meritorious graduates in English language and literature, such as MA in English, Journalism and Mass Communication; Management; Tourism Administration; Law; International Relations; Linguistics; Communication Management; Film Editing and Direction; Visual Communication; and Library and Information Science. You can choose any of the courses that suit your aptitude and interest. However, those who want to start with a job can also choose from a lot of opportunities available for the graduates. Candidates can apply for various posts published by UPSC, join Defence services as well as they can apply for IAS examination.