Institution’s Innovation Council Cell

Welcome to Sanjo College’s Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). We are thrilled to introduce you to the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship fostered by the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) at Sanjo College. Our IIC is a vibrant platform that engages both students and staff in a multitude of innovative endeavours, fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking.

It aims to streamline and strengthen the innovation and start-up ecosystem in the campus. The students can develop the skill set which enables critical thinking, design thinking, innovative thought process and encourages an entrepreneurial mind-set.

Major Focus of IIC

At Sanjo College, our IIC is dedicated to promoting a culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among our students and staff. We aim to nurture and support innovative ideas that have the potential to create a positive impact on society. Our major focus areas include:

  • Encouraging and supporting innovative thinking among students and staff.
  • Facilitating entrepreneurship development through mentorship, guidance, and resources.
  • Creating a platform for collaboration and networking among innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Promoting a culture of problem-solving and solution-oriented thinking.
  • Forming a vibrant local innovation system and start-up/entrepreneurship supporting mechanism in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Developing better cognitive ability amongst students.

Functions of IIC

The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) at Sanjo College performs a variety of functions to fulfil its objectives. Some of the key functions include:

  • Organizing workshops, seminars, and events to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Providing mentorship, guidance, and support to students and staff with innovative ideas.
  • Facilitating access to funding, resources, and industry connections for promising projects.
  • Collaborating with external agencies, industry partners, and government initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributions in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

IIC Council Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Department Role
1 Dr. Jijo James Indiparambil Principal Management President
2 Sr. Shanty Joseph Vice-Principal Commerce Vice-President
3 Mrs. Jismy P Sukumaran Head of the Dpt. Computer Convener
4 Mrs. Tintu Joseph Asst. Professor Computer Social Media
5 Mrs. Rajimol P S Head of the Dept. Management Member
6 Mr. Aromal M P Asst. Professor Management Member
7 Ms. Asha P M Asst. Professor Management Member
8 Mr. Anooj Chacko Asst. Professor Management Member
9 Mrs. Priyanka M P Asst. Professor Management Member
10 Mrs. Aswathy T V Asst. Professor Management Member

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

Members of the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) at Sanjo College play a crucial role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship within the institution. Their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Actively participating in IIC activities, workshops, and events.
  • Mentoring and supporting students and staff with innovative ideas.
  • Collaborating with industry experts, mentors, and stakeholders to promote innovation.
  • Identifying opportunities for funding, grants, and resources to support innovative projects.
  • Promoting a culture of creativity, risk-taking, and problem-solving among peers and colleagues.

Join us in embracing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at Sanjo College's Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). Together, let's explore new frontiers and create a brighter future through innovation!