Exploring Creativity

Innovation and creativity are fundamental to all academic disciplines and educational activities, not just the arts. Creativity is currently ranked among the most critical and useful skills required to address issues and exploit opportunities created by the advancement in science and technology. It functions as a problem solver and an idea generator and becomes an essential component of innovation. In an increasingly transforming global business environment and work culture, the ability of people to compete is of utmost importance for social, economic, cultural, political and religious survival and growth via innovation.

To empower the students to achieve their dreams Sanjo College conducts many academic related programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions, Paper Presentations, etc. Each department takes initiatives for conducting this type of creative programmes for students. Workshops such as Hardware Workshop are very much useful for students, especially students in the department of computer application. Other exhibition programmes improve students' creativity and are good for their academic improvements.

As part of this consideration, Sanjo College has already been registered with Government initiated programmes like YIP, ASAP, etc.