It is with great honour and proud that I, on behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome you all to Sanjo College of Management and Advance Studies (SCMAS), a cradle of an academic culture steeped in rich tradition and excellence.

Sanjo College focuses on enabling students reach their full academic potential and calibre, developing discipline and moral character, and acquiring social confidence, to become responsible

citizens of the country. Through various curricular and extracurricular opportunities provided, Sanjo College promises an exceptional quality learning experience for all students and ensures students embark upon new adventures in the world of wisdom. The highly skilled and dedicated faculty and staff at Sanjo College take their role as mentors very seriously, whereby they empower students to take responsibility for their own decisions, determine and form their own attitudes and opinions upon matters of life and society. We assist students to achieve academically and grow physically, socially and spiritually in a secure and student-friendly environment.I assure you that Sanjo College is a place worthy of your serious attention and consideration,and I welcome your interest in our exciting College. I invite all parents to be partners of this college to ensure success for each student. Have a great academic experience!

Dr. Jijo James Indiparambil CST